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Etica y Urbanismo
  Legal Limits Ethics and Corruption Urban Metropolitan Planning
  The realm of Legality and the realm of Ethics do not coincide.

Legality’s realm is ampler than the realm of Ethics. The Legal framework provides, for the sake of Freedom, the possibility to realize actions that are not necessarily in the pursuit of Ethic objectives. It is up to the citizen to decide if he wants to pursue ethics (moral behavior) in his life. He is in any case compelled to behave within the framework of Legality. That is the framework for private (individual or entrepreneurial) behavior.

The world of politics, the search of the General Interest of the citizen’s country (or city) is the realm of Ethics. A politician or an Administration should not only behave in the ampler realm of the Legal framework—that is obvious—but shall constrain his objectives and procedures to the tighter realm of Ethics. A politician who justifies his actions in terms of Legality and not of Ethics is already proving that his objectives are not the General Interest Objective and thus presenting a profile of moral corruption.

This has been a permanent issue in Spain’s management of town planning in the last 30 years. The conflict is still unresolved as the moral corruption goes deep in the social behavior and is as extended as it is socially accepted. This paper defines these concepts and sets the limits and direction for political management of public town planning affairs.
Etica y decision politica
  Political decision making ethics and corruption urban metropolitan planning
  This PowerPoint represents in images the concepts developed in the Etica y Urbanismo (Ethics and Town Planning) paper.

The seven layers of political decision making and the concentric spheres of the Ethical and Legal realms are expressed in images and figures.