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Navarra Estrategia Territorial
  Navarra (Spain) Regional Metropolitan Urban Strategy Planning national context
  Navarra, in the southern slope of the Pyrenees, has historically been one of the leading economical and political regions of Spain. Governance and wealth have always been a characteristic of Navarra. This position requires strong efforts to adapt to new social and economic paradigms.
The immigrant labor force of the agricultural production in the Ebro Valley — as well as the one of the Pamplona Industrial complex — must be integrated into an ageing social structure. Social facilities and economic infrastructure policies require a strategic spatial dimension.
Territorializacion de Navarra
  Navarra (Spain) Regional Metropolitan Urban Strategy Planning territorial context
  Navarra is composed of 3 parallel strips running east west: 1) The Pyrenees with its perpendicular deep narrow valleys. 2) The large/intermediate Pamplona valley and 3) the Ebro plain.
The socio-economic and political relations with the Basque Country to the west and with Aragon to the east do introduce gradients in these strips.
Each of these areas is differentiated and requires a specific set of social, economic and physical policies.