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Una posible vision de Pereira
  Pereira Colombia Urban Metropolitan Matrix Reticular Planning
  Pereira is an enclave city in a geographically tight but centrally located position. It has to make the best of the latter and be able to overcome the former. Pereira is locked into a narrow valley to the west of the Nevado peak and the cordillera, with difficult communications both north and south to its neighboring ‘sister’ cities of Manizales and Armenia. But with gentle slope access to the Cauca valley and the ‘Eje Cafetero’, the coffee axe. Pereira is, in the other hand, in a strategic position in the middle of the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Colombia between Bogota, Medellin and Cali. This is the epicenter of Colombian coffee production, the country’s main quality export good.
Pereira needs an ‘unlocking’ urban strategy, as presented in the paper, that will trigger the potentiality of the city towards the strategic valley of the Cauca, with full access to the national network system of the Bogota-Medellin-Cali highways.