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Hyderabad mislead growth
  Pedro B. Ortiz Hyderabad India Metropolitan Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  Hyderabad is growing very fast both in economic terms (ICT groundbreaking industry of India) as well as in urban expansion (8.47% annual). That growth is being directed in a radial form, complemented with orbital tight. This approach only increases the dependence of the metropolis for the center and promotes congestion and increasing land prices reducing in the long term the competitiveness of Hyderabad.

Local Authorities mandataries, politicians, and civil servants have not reached the professional capacity and skills to understand that Hyderabad must make a radical structural shift into a reticular system that will provide a multiplicity of public transport served Urban Centralities with many trip alternatives among any two points of the metropolis as well as multiple location possibilities for any business, allowing demand to control the land market instead of supply.

We hope wisdom will come sooner or later to Hyderabad Local Authorities, for the Metropolis survival in the long term.