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Inventing Metro-Delhi
  Pedro B. Ortiz New Delhi India Metropolitan Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  Delhi in 2030 is going to be the largest world metropolis. It will reach the 43 million population figure overcoming Tokyo. Is it prepared to address the challenge of metropolitan management?

Actual Delhi problems will multiply. 3 million dwellings are required. Cars are going to multiply by 8-fold. If Delhi is not able to address them in the right way instead of leading the world, it can become a nightmare and a burden for India.

The way forward is to understand the structure of metropolitan Delhi and to apply metropolitan management techniques to Metro-Delhi. This paper, presented at “Re-inventing Delhi” Conference opening speech approaches this challenge.
Re-Inventing Delhi Conference Brochure
  Pedro B. Ortiz Delhi Metropolitan Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  India’s ‘first city’ is slated to become the world’s most populated city within the coming decade, and it is expected to overtake Tokyo by 2027.

In 2021 the next Master Plan for Delhi for a perspective period of 20 years (MPD 2041) will come into force. This is an opportune moment to re-evaluate the present planning paradigms and potentially re-invent the way we think about the future of this city. Strategic thinking and application of cutting-edge ideas and technologies will be required for realizing Delhi’s potential as an economic and cultural powerhouse, as well as for turning around economic stagnation, physical degradation and stressed resources.