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Krakow Metropolitan Quantum Leap
  Pedro B. Ortiz Krakow Poland Metropolitan Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  Krakow is in the river plain of the Vistula, at a strategic crossing point. The river plain is not highly urbanized to the exception of the urban conurbation. Villages are located at a distance north (7 km) and south (3.5 km) of the floodplain.

The city has enormous rail tracks assets that reflect the historical importance in both industrial and logistic terms. Rail tracks reflect as well the river gradients of the preexisting villages. The development of a metropolitan structure will require the development of the productive and residential potential of these towns served by the Commuter Train. The actual airport to the west can be coupled by a freight airport to the east (preexisting location) to position Krakow in a globalized market of high value-added products. The river plain can be protected from urban and industrial expansion.

An extensive urban Light Rail service has been set in place though intermodality with a commuter train service has not been fully exploited in terms of metropolitan articulation. This intermodality structure will foster 4 main metropolitan centralities that have to be designed and developed. Metropolitan centralities that will house tertiary activities servicing the productive system and integrated both by the rail and air system with international markets.

The road network, strongly defined by the parallel and perpendicular lines to the river axis and consequent gradients, can be completed and extended as a response to the evolving demand.