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D4D Istanbul Propositive Analysis
  Istanbul (Turkey) Metropolitan Strategy Development Plan
  Istanbul has an important role to play in the near future as the crossroads of two civilizations: Europe and the Middle East. Istanbul was already that central point in Theodosian times (4th Century AD) and is set to play it as well in the future.
The Yenikapi area in Istanbul (inhabited since 8,500 BC when Marmara was still a lake) was the Theodosian port. The city played that role in that time.
The proposal includes the connection of the European and Asian airports of Istanbul through a Bosporus tunnel and the link from international air routes to the metropolitan fabric through underground lines at this point. The role of transcontinental cultural platform will be played again almost 2,000 years later.
From this supra-metropolitan intermodal platform, the network of both public and road infrastructures can be structured providing a new ‘pentagram’ to write down the notes that will coordinate housing, facilities and activities provision as well as sustainable environmental protection.
  Istanbul Metro Matrix strategic metropolitan plan Alessandro Frigerio Pedro B. Ortiz
  MSLab, Alessandro Frigerio within Pedro B. Ortiz,

Different aspects of Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Turkey Yenikapı :
The future of the past.
Strategic junction and archaeological park

The rebirth project for the urban region and the dockland area of Yenikapı District of Istanbul, starts from the enhancement of the important archaeological heritage of the area. The communication strategy wisely combined with new technologies and an organic network between economical processes and enlightened investors can become strategic elements for an urban and landscape renaissance.