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Metropolitan Discipline: 06/20 The Physical Component (Pedro B. Ortiz)
  Pedro B. Ortiz Metropolitan Discipline Genoma Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  The objective of the Physical-Territorial Component is Sustainability. The Component includes both the Natural environment and the Urban one. It has five sectors: Environment, Transports, Housing, Productive Activities and Social Facilities. Among these two of them are continuous systems (Environment and Transport). The other 3 are discontinuous. They will require a different approach.
06 Video transcript with reference slides
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06 El Componente Territorial. Transcripción al español
  El objetivo del componente Físico-Territorial es la Sostenibilidad. El Componente incluye tanto el entorno Natural como el Urbano. Tiene cinco sectores: Medio Ambiente, Transportes, Vivienda, Actividades Productivas y Equipamientos Sociales. Entre estos dos son sistemas continuos: Medio Ambiente y Transporte. Los otros 3 son sistemas discontinuos. Se requerirá un enfoque diferente para las dos tipologías.