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UNCRD – INTA Panel report on the strategy for Caribe
  INTA UNCRD Colombia Caribe Barranquilla Cartagena Santa Marta Plan Estrategico
  The need for a strategic approach to Caribbean Colombian development was addressed by the UNCRD and INTA in a common effort to produce a Panel and subsequent report in June 2010. The methodology of the Panel — with 80 interviews of relevant stakeholders and the coordinated synthesis of international experts — brought about the result of a report which provides a vision of needs and possibilities that have to be prioritized for the Caribbean socioeconomic future Development.
D4D Caribe Propositive Analysis
  Cartagena Barranquilla Snata Marta (Colombia Caribe) Metropolitan - Urban Strategy Development Plan
  The three main cities of Caribbean Colombia, Cartagena (1.4 m people), Barranquilla (1.8 m) and Santa Marta (1.2 m), 90 kilometers apart, have a development potential in achieving a coordination of the three economies into a single regional network. To that end, the regional commuter train proposed by the 2010 INTA Panel would serve both regional and urban objectives.
In local terms, the urban layout will provide the backbone of urban centralities connected through a mass public transport system for each of the cities that have reached the urban size that requires this type of service.
In regional terms, the speedy link between the three cities would unify both the productive and labor markets, fostering an immediate growth of the regional GDP. The complementarity of the tourist supply and the common provision of services like airport provision will introduce Caribbean Colombia to a higher rank of the international market directly linked to North American and European demand.