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Buenos Aires Parrillada, MIT Metro-Lab 2018 results
  Pedro B. Ortiz Buenos Aires Metropolitan Metro Matrix Structural Strategic Planning
  Buenos Aires is growing as an octopus, extending its tentacles and engulfing everything on his way. That is the product of an uncontrolled metastatic growth unchecked by sustainable, efficient and equitable metropolitan policies.
The system proves to be contra-natura, as the topography/hydrology/geography of Buenos Aires is not radial. It is actually formed by parallel creeks, perpendicular to the Plata River coast.

The Matchuelo (Matanzas-Riachuelo) river basin can provide the chance to install a sustainable system where urban centralities, on mass rail transit. They would serve the population, allowing for the interstitial environment flow with a rural-urban link strategy. Similar to a brochette of urban-proteins and green-vegetables. Each river basin can then be a singular brochette on an integrated metropolitan approach.

Buenos Aires will harness the engulfing octopus and make a great Argentinian Parrillada out of the chopped octopus meat. Enjoy your meal!
Centralidades metropolitanas sobre General Paz
  Centralidad Urbana Metropolitana TOD Buenos Aires Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz
  Buenos aires tiene una estructura metropolitana semicircular congestionante. Debería descentralizar las actividades en el centro en una serie de Centralidades Económicas terciarias y cuaternarias sobre una estructura reticular metropolitana.

Sobre esta idea desarrollada por el Arquitecto/Urbanista de Buenos Aires Martin Diego Fdez. Meijide en el Metro-Laboratorio desarrollado por CIPPEC en Buenos Aires durante los dias 14 a 17 de Diciembre de 2016, he aqui unas ideas para alimentar dicha excelente propuesta y consecuente debate para perfilar su implementación.
Governance of a World Metropolis: Buenos Aires
  Metropolitan Urban Strategic Plan Buenos Aires Pedro B. Ortiz Metro Matrix Public Transport Environment Housing
  Buenos Aires, with 12 million inhabitants, on its way to 15 m, is one of the most relevant world metropolises. With Brazil and Mexico is one of the strongest economies of LAC and accounts for more than 60% of the National GDP.

The size and power of Buenos Aires is difficult to handle. The inherited radial-finger form has been assumed as a curse and no public policy maker dares to contest it. As the submission of the municipalities of the metropolitan area dare to confront the power and budget of central Buenos Aires.

Economic, social and political power need to be spread, shared and the metropolitan area needs to be given a chance against the congestive monocentrism of the actual physical and government structures.

The Governance of this Metropolis cannot be the product of a weak municipal confederation. Needs the direct responsibility of the Province (Jurisdiction) and the Nation (Finance). Buenos Aires is a National issue. If Buenos Aires doesn’t work, Argentina doesn’t work. This is the Challenge.
Gran Buenos Aires metropolitan approach
  Buenos Aires Metropolitan Urban Strategic Plan Metro Matrix Pedro B. Ortiz Transport Environment
  Buenos Aires zoom-out new metropolitan vision. Buenos Aires requires a new vision. The myopic vision to central Buenos Aires does distort the metropolitan DNA structure into a semicircular paradigm that does not represent adequately the real Buenos Aires.

When you zoom out to the metro-regional context you immediately see that the riverbank of the Mar del Plata does determine a main directionality for the urban structure. The perpendicular gradient completes the orthogonal reticular axis.

These images only approach the problem. They are just an attempt to open a discussion that will really create the adequate approach to the metropolitan understanding and for promoting the adequate solutions for Buenos Aires. Much work is still to be done, but I must take a step forward after many years seeing how Buenos Aires is groping for its future.