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On the footsteps of Krishna: Surat, Gujarat
  Surat Gujarat Metropolitan Urban Strategy Plan Metro Matrix
  Surat Metropolis, with 4.5 million inhabitants, is in the Mumbai-Delhi Industrial Corridor. It is the intermediate city between Ahmedabad and Mumbai: a highly strategic location. Surat has already benefited from National Highway (NH-8) investments and historic rail tracks assets. The Ukai Dam and the regulation of Tapi River flow provides as well for an important agricultural potential. Airport facilities, well located, can be expanded to provide the final strategic platform.

Surat has a potential compatible with the inherited metropolitan structure. The north-south coast line and the east-west Tapi River have defined a strong reticular structure. The train tracks follow the reticula and the NH-8 Mumbai-Delhi Highway reinforces the north-south main directionality.

Location of main economic (secondary and tertiary) economic centers automatically derives from the intersection of the main Gray Infrastructure Network. The Tapi and its agricultural plain provide for the backbone of the Green Infrastructure network.

Surat, as one of the Capitals of Krishna’s Kingdom can follow the footsteps of the Gita on the understanding and management of its metropolitan future.