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Seoul's Soul Search
  Seoul Metropolitan Urban Strategy Structural Plan Transport Metro Matrix
  Seoul is a benchmark item and template for urban management. The evolution of Seoul in the last 30 years, the transport system, the slum clearance and the environmental policies of waterways green recuperation are in blogs all over the world.
But those who look at the metropolitan dimension might have some meter of concern. Is the metropolitan scale understood by the national authorities and policies set up in accordance? The metropolitan topography is very strong, reflects the country linear cape topography. North-south gray infrastructures are completed with east-west ones. In this clear context there is room for concern with a circular ring road approach and a Green Belt. 30 years ago Green Belts were proven not to work and reticular metropolitan networks introduced 20 years ago. Has Seoul its clock on time? A Metropolitan vision required.
This presents a very basic metropolitan approach to Seoul. Just to open up the research and discussion. More to come, if Seoul decides to address the issue.