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New Delhi D4D Metro Matrix Tic Tac Toe
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  India is addressing the largest world urban explosion.
Out of the 2 billion new rural emigrants around the world in the next 20 years, 360 million will be Indian. That is a rate of 50.000 every day for the next 20 years.
- How to cope with this? Not by building New Towns (or ‘Smart Cities’). You should address your actual problems instead of declaring yourself incompetent and offering a New Town heaven instead.
- How to address the issue? India has 31 metropolises over 1.5 million inhabitants. These are the ones which, growing fast, confront huge problems proportional to their size. Some of them are growing at 11% rates, most around 5% and 4%. We must understand though that 5% annual growth means 100% in 14 years. Means you are doubling tour size in 14 years. Having to build in 14 years what you had build during millennia.
- How to allocate uses? Where to provide land? How to build infrastructures?

As we have seen with the simplicity of New Delhi structure and needs Metro Matrix provides the response as it has done for many metropolises elsewhere. Applied to the Nation’s capital, New Delhi, as a token of its efficiency, you can analyze the metropolitan structure of the urban expansion and provide for the correct location of urban expansion, natural protection, infrastructure provision and productive allocation.
The Metro-Matrix-token presented, in which New Delhi has a four-corner-post basic structure easy to manage and provide for, should be developed into precise proposals, as should/could be so for the other metropolitan explosive areas in India.
It’s up to Government to show its leadership capacity.