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Mega York Metro Matrix Pentagram
  New York Megalopolis Urban Metropolitan Structure MegaYork Metro Matrix
  Mega York plays its own Music. The Mega Metropolis that runs from Boston to Washington (and beyond) is set along the East Coast of northern America. Its setting corresponds to the Coastal Plain located between the Appalachians ridge and the capes of the Atlantic Ocean. The buffer zones between these three ecosystems, the inland maritime ports and the mountain foothills are especially significant for urban settlement.

The location of its main ports (New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Wilmington, etc.) is t the upmost point of the large gulfs where those can easily been crossed and inland access is achieved for maritime trade. The axis that links those ports (surprisingly straight and tilted to almost 45 degrees) conform the main axis of the Metropolis. These Main urban centers (sub-metropolises of their own) are located on this 600 km (400 miles) line, distant of around 50 km (30 miles) from one each other.

The two secondary lines that complement the ports and the foothills axes are the center-plain axis and the capes centralities. The final fifth, somehow marginal, axis is the first valley line of the Appalachians: the most accessible valley.

The waterway system does not run perpendicular to the topographical ecosystems. Instead of running northwest/southeast it does mostly North/South (IE: Hudson River). This diagonal direction with respect to the main directionality of the Mega-metropolis introduces a peculiarity in the Green Infrastructure system as well as to the urban settlements that will require special attention.

The result is a five axial system that form a geographical Pentagram where Mega York Metropolis is inserted. The urban centers are the notes of the system: a Pentagram where Mega York Metro-Matrix structure plays its own music.