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Guatemala Urban and Metropolitan Strategy
  Guatemala Metropolitan urban Strategy Metro-Matrix
  Guatemala is going to confront in the next 20 years a huge urbanization phenomenon. National population is going to grow from 15 to 22 million inhabitants. Urban share will grow from 50% to 80% of urbanized population. The actual 2,2 million homes with 3 member families will have to be 6.8 million homes with 2.5 members. Guatemala has to build 4.6 million houses in the next 20 years, that is 200% of the actual stock, at a rate of 230.000 houses every year. Actually is building in the range of 60.000.

An excess of construction effort might take capital and entrepreneurial capacity out of sectors the national economy needs to acquire a strategic position in the globalized world. Construction sector should not take too much of the National GDP: 10% might the maximum. The equation is difficult.

The National Spatial DNA determined by the PanGea shift of continents and the Yucatan meteorite 67 million BC, establishes a very clear linear and reticular national structure with a northeast bend to the Atlantic and Puerto Barrios. The National Geomorfic structure defines as well Guatemala City Metropolitan structure. The unused rail tracks correspond to it and should become the backbone of the Mass Transit System once the metropolis reaches the 2.5 million population threshold in 3 or 4 years. Time to Plan