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From Pemba to Palma: Mozambique Cabo Delgado territorial structure
  Cabo Delgado Regional Structure Pemba and Palma territorial inland integration
  In Cabo Delgado, Mozambique north coast (1.600 km away from Maputo and 600 from Dar es Salaam), very important Gas deposits have recently been discovered.
The potential for economic and social development must be well exploited: Three areas for strategic effort have been suggested to benefit from Energy inputs: Agro-food development, Industrial enterprise and Tourism services. They have to be made compatible in environmental and territorial terms to reach sustainability.

Cabo Delgado coast north of Pemba, up to Palma and beyond to the Tanzania border, has a very characteristic wavy coastline protected from rough sea by a parallel set of islands: a peculiar ecosystem with enormous tourist potential. Environment, Tourism and Gas extraction have to be made compatible in the coastline. Inland has to provide for the necessary infrastructures to support capital investment in industry as well as for agro-alimentary production and food processing.

The territorial structure takes form under related parallel gradient lines that work together in a social and productive mechanism. Development might start from the specific points of Palma and Pemba but a clear vision of the overall structure will allow for development of other potential urban settlements, productive and tourist locations in a sustainable long-term framework.